Our service provides five applications of fertilizer throughout the entire growing season. We generally do the first application in April and the last application (winterizer) in October. Applications are made about every 6-7 weeks on average.

Lawn Salon uses fertilizer that is blended specifically for our use and is formulated for Colorado soil types. Our fertilizer contains minerals / nutrients that the fertilizer many of our competitors use either don’t have, or don’t contain as much of. This makes for a healthier more stress tolerant lawn. We feel strongly about our fertilizer and believe it is the best out there. After we fertilize, we blow off your concrete areas so that there is no staining. Our fertilizer is coated and we refer to it as “kid and pet friendly.”

Helpful Tips & Information:

Be proactive in getting your lawn full and healthy as early in the spring/summer as possible while temperatures are still cooler. Don’t wait until late June, and even more-so, July or August to try to do this. Although it can be done, it will take more effort and water to produce results. Make sure your lawn is its healthiest going into the hottest part of the season.

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