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Fertilizer fulfils most needs for a healthy lawn, but there are other minerals and nutrients that help your soil even more. These micro-nutrients and surfactants can help bring your lawn (and soil) to its peak which, in turn, will make your lawn even healthier as well as help it get thru the heat and stress of the hot summer months. Again, Lawn Salon uses a “mix” that is blended specifically for our use, that is for Colorado soils, that is “kid and pet friendly”, and that doesn’t stain your concrete.

Helpful Tips & Information:

The same applies as with fertilization... be proactive in getting your lawn full and healthy as early in the spring/summer as possible while temperatures are still cooler. Although large improvements can still be made during the hot season, it will take more effort and water to produce results. Try to make sure your lawn is its healthiest going into the hottest part of the season.

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