Sprinkler Repair & Maintenance & Tune-Ups

Lawn Salon provides sprinkler repair services for the whole system, including the clock/controller, vacuum breaker assembly and attached copper pipes, control valves in the box at ground, sprinkler heads, low water pressure, zones not turning on, zones not turning off, and any other issues.

Many sprinkler systems were installed to a minimum level and may not provide acceptable water coverage. As well, many adequate systems are now many years old and may not provide as good of water coverage that they once did. Either way, common results are dry areas within the lawn, more lawn disease in troubled areas, bad areas growing in size, and excessive water usage because of poor coverage. Lawn Salon does a lot of sprinkler system “tune-ups” as we call them. And …. We have never had a customer not see an improvement in their sprinkler coverage! We do a very thorough job of improving sprinkler coverage and helping lawns. Ask for an estimate to help your sprinkler system be the most efficient it can be.

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Too many times we see where people will spend dollars on all sorts of things to apply to their lawn, but not consider improvements to their sprinkler system. They work hand-in-hand with each other and if you pay attention to both subjects equally, you will have a better lawn. We can explain this one to you better in person, but will say “just because a sprinkler head looks like it is spraying OK does not mean is has sufficient coverage.” This, in turn, can really hinder your lawn. Ask us about it to learn more.

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Sprinkler Activation

Lawn Salon will get your system going for the growing season, including setting the clock, going through each zone to check each head for proper pressure and coverage. We commonly find some systems that need a small repair or "fine tuning" to save water and provide better coverage.

Repair work will not be done until approved by the homeowner. Parts and labor are extra if repairs are needed.

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We do sprinkler activations the right way. We turn the whole system on, check sprinkler coverage on every sprinkler head, and make sure the sprinkler clock/controller is set correctly. If you’ve been having to make costly repairs every spring to your system, we may know the reason why.

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Sprinkler Winterization

Safeguard your system throughout the freezing temperatures of winter by having Lawn Salon blow out your sprinkler system. Our sprinkler blow out procedure includes: turning off water in the basement, draining the line from the vacuum breaker to the basement, hooking up a commercial compressor (will not harm your system) to the vacuum breaker, blowing air through each control valve and zone.. This is very inexpensive "insurance" to prevent costly repairs in the spring.

Take extra precautions to protect your sprinklers until your system is properly winterized!

  • Wrap your vacuum breaker and copper pipe in a blanket or towels. The vacuum breaker is the equipment outside your house. It will have a bell shaped cap on the top.
  • Tape a large plastic garbage bag over the top of the towels or blanket so they do not get wet with changing weather.

Helpful Tips & Information:

We do sprinkler winterizations the right way. Everything is blown out with a commercial air compressor. It will not hurt your system, but has the volume of air (many don’t) to get all of the water out. We also drain back into the house so there is no water left anywhere. Many times we catch a leaky shut-off valve that can cause expensive repairs in the spring.

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