Weed & Fungus Control

We spot spray offending weeds at time of fertilization, instead of blanket spraying the entire lawn with unnecessary chemicals. This procedure protects our environment and is more kid and pet friendly.

We offer pre-emergent applications for crabgrass, usually in March.

Leaf blight and narcrotic ring spot fungus are very common in stressed Colorado turf. The best defense is a healthy lawn. We can recommend a customized treatment program for your lawn.

Helpful Tips & Information:

Generally speaking (there are always variations), if your lawn was green last fall and come spring there are brown dead areas, this is usually caused by spider mites. They will usually, generally speaking, hit in dry areas, next to trees or bushes, in the late winter. The best defense is to recognize where these troubled areas recur year after year and water during the winter months before these areas turn brown.

Again, generally speaking, if your lawn is green in the spring and somewhere throughout the summer you start getting brown areas, this is usually caused by fungus and/or blight. You see a LOT of this in our area during the summer months. This could also be an insect/worm/grub problem, but chances are small compared to fungus/blight. Try to make sure those areas are getting good sprinkler coverage and that you are watering in the early morning A.M. hours (3:00am or 4:00am) and not 10:00pm or 11:00pm at night. There are preventative measures one can take that may or may not work well, depending on the season. Ask us about it.

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